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Benefits of Singing Bowls and How to Play Them

Benefits of Singing Bowls and How to Play Them

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Sound therapy has slowly been gaining popularity in the new age of spiritual and alternative healing. There’s one meditative tool that always becomes part of the conversation when it comes to this form of therapy. That’s none other than singing bowls. In this article, we’ll let you learn more about the benefits of this therapeutic tool and how you can use it properly.

Singing Bowl Benefits

If you often engage in meditational activities, you may want to include a singing bowl in your arsenal. While meditation is already beneficial on its own, adding singing bowls into the mix will promote a better experience. That’s all because of the following benefits you get from singing bowls:

Deep Relaxation

One of the main reasons people use singing bowls is to promote relaxation. You become more mindful of your own body and your surroundings as you listen to the quietness followed by the occasional tones and vibrations of the singing bowl. Furthermore, singing bowls gradually slows down your breathing and makes you feel calmer.

Muscle Regeneration

Singing bowls are also believed to improve muscle regeneration, which is why they’re not only used for meditation but for therapeutic purposes as well. There are various claims that singing bowls are capable of reducing joint pains and improve blood circulation. That’s why using them along with natural remedies for gout flares can be significantly effective.

Reduced Anxiety

The mesmerizing sound of the singing bowl is also capable of reducing the stress and anxiety you experience. Because of how the sound waves interact with your brain, you will find that singing bowls can put you in a more peaceful state. This is also how singing bowls are able to help you achieve a deeper meditative experience.

Balanced Chakra

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While there are many different forms of healing, Indians believe that any physical discomfort we experience is caused by a blockage in our chakras, which is a system of spiritual energy that runs in our bodies.

The sounds produced by singing bowls are believed to regain the balance in our chakras and clear our bodies of any negative energy. Additionally, many also use singing bowls to cleanse not just the body but also the surroundings.

Circulation and Blood Flow

A lot of people embrace the peace and calmness they experience in a quiet surrounding. Yet, these feelings are further magnified if you use singing bowls. Singing bowls significantly lower brain activity and heart rate, leading to better blood flow and circulation. When this happens, we also get to boost our immune system in the process.

Improved Focus

Because of the reduced brain activity, we become more mindful of our tasks. When you meditate using singing bowls, your brain will start switching to Theta frequency, primarily responsible for providing us with mental clarity. This is also why singing bowl therapy is believed to promote spiritual, mental, and bodily healing.

How to Play Singing Bowls

Now that you have a general idea of how singing bowls affect your body, you may already want to begin using one. Before you do that, it is important that you learn how to play it first. You can play singing bowls in two different methods: striking and rimming.


The easiest way to play a singing bowl is through striking. Using your non-dominant hand, hold the bowl on your palm with the cushion lying between your hand and the bowl. Use your other hand to hold the mallet and strike the bowl lightly on the middle exterior. For the full experience, make sure the sound and vibration produced by the singing bowl have faded before striking it again.


This method is a little harder to master compared to striking. If you are a beginner, it is quite common to take a lot longer before you can use this method in your meditation sessions. Start by holding the bowl the same way as when you are striking it. Also, make sure your body is relaxed. Hold the mallet like a pen and circle the bowl a few times until it makes a resonating sound. Pause until the sound fades and begin circling the bowl on the middle exterior again.

Sound therapy is the up-and-coming healing method for most of our major health conditions. If you wish to live a healthier lifestyle, you need to understand singing bowls since they are the most prominent tools in this form of therapy. You can also use them for meditation and relaxation. Whether you believe in the power of sound or not, it’s undeniable that the various benefits a singing bowl can provide us with are too significant to disregard.

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