[List]How To Take Care Of Your Hair During Dry Climate

How To Take Care Of Your Hair During Dry Climate

Knowing how to take care of your hair during any climate is definitely a plus. Dry, humid days are not only taking a toll on your skin’s health, but it also affects one’s hair.

When the climate is too dry, there’s a tendency for the tresses to lose its hydration and turn brittle and damaged. That’s why during summer, women are prone to bad hair days.

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But there are active haircare methods we can do in order to retain our tresses’s natural softness and shine. Generally, we should be taking care of our locks every day, but dry climates are when we should really load up on haircare products and diligently keep our tresses healthy. Here are some hair care tips during dry climates on how to take care of your hair.

Practice Weekly Deep Conditioning

You might say that you use conditioner on your strands at least once a day, but that’s not enough to fight off the negative effects of dry climate. During humid seasons, make it a point to deep condition once a week. Unlike normal conditioners that only need to sit on the strands for 2-3 minutes during showers, deep conditioners need to sit for 15-20 minutes for maximum effects.

Deep conditioning masks have active ingredients that will give one’s locks the protein and moisture it needs. Its benefits work from the inside out and seals in moisture to give you soft and shiny tresses for longer periods of time.

Use Oils

Our scalps have natural oil production. That’s why you’ll often feel the strands getting too sticky and oily several hours after taking a shower. But in dry, humid weathers, the oil that our scalps naturally emit may not be enough.

Give it a little boost by applying oils. Simply apply an adequate amount of oil on the strands to soothe frizz. Add some to the tips of your tresses as well to strengthen your follicles and tame split ends. You can do this either when your strands are dry or damp, depending on one’s preference.

Use A UV Protection Cream Or Spray

You may have heard that the sun’s UV rays are harmful to the skin, which is why you’re constantly putting on sunscreen during sunny days. But did you know that the strands also take a toll? UV rays affect the outer circle of one’s strands and can cause damage, dryness and brittleness.

Avoid the sun’s UV rays from damaging your hair by diligently applying a UV protection cream. These also come in sprays for easy and quick application. If you can’t get your hands on UV protection hair care products at the moment, you can always opt to protect the tresses by wearing a hat or using an umbrella to minimize sun exposure.

Avoid Hot Hair Styling Tools

Nothing can cause dry, brittle hair more than your hair blower, straightener, or curling iron. These devices expose your hair to tremendous heat and stress. Especially when overused, these can cause your strands to dry out and lose its natural shine.

Try to lay off hair styling tools during dry climates. Air drying with a fan or letting the hair dry naturally are much better options.

Drink A Lot Of  Water

Haircare products are not the only things that will keep your hair healthy and hydrated during dry climates. The most natural and effective method is to drink a lot of water. The recommended amount is 8 glasses a day, but you can always up your H2O intake to aid your body and hair hydration.

Dry climates are the ultimate cause of bad hair days. Say goodbye to dry, damaged hair with these hair care tips!  These tips should help you get started when it comes to best habits on how to take care of your hair.

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