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    Minimize the Risks of Facing Employee Litigation with These Essential Tips

    Minimize the Risks of Facing Employee Litigation with These Essential Tips When you’ve founded a successful startup and are focused on building on that success and taking your business to the next level, legal concerns may not be at the top of your concerns, and the potential of getting sued by your employees is probably even further down. But even new enterprises can face employee litigation; here’s what you can do to mitigate the risks of such an event. Clear Written Policies & Documentation A business of any scale would do well to have a proper employee handbook. At a minimum, a good handbook will contain clearly stated company policies,…

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    Making Your Small Business Hit It Big

    Making Your Small Business Hit It Big Now who would not be interested in a subject such as making your small business a big hit? For sure, it would certainly help your profit line! Not everyone can build a massive business empire, but success can be found even in the smallest of endeavors. Small and medium-sized enterprises (or SMEs) make up the majority of registered business entities, and they are a hugely reliable source of income for many owners. The flexibility to manage your time, the freedom to design your career, and the potential to earn based on your effort level are among the many benefits of starting your own…

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