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[List]5 Proven Time Management Tips to Fix Your Busy Schedule

[List]5 Proven Time Management Tips to Fix Your Busy Schedule

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Having proven time management tips will help boost you and your business in the right direction EVERY time! Time management is an important facet of self-improvement and self-discipline. However, it’s been thought that Americans have a fear of building self-discipline.

This is unfortunate since time management is a skill that’s becoming increasingly important in today’s busy everyday life. Despite the conveniences of modern technology, people are finding less and less time to indulge in self-care like engaging in their hobbies or working on themselves.

But what is the cost of not developing the discipline to manage your time efficiently?

The Cost Of Poor Time Management

Over the years, new appliances and advances in technology have freed up more and more of your time. Chores and tasks that used to take people hours to accomplish can now be achieved within a few minutes. But despite this extra convenience, you’re probably loaded with more work than ever. This is because people are now trying to accomplish more than they can handle effectively, whether they’re at work or at home.

Because of this time crunch and overburdening people and employers impose on themselves, a survey revealed that 60 percent of adults in the United States feel like they’re too busy to enjoy their lives. Even worse, as many as 12 percent say they feel this overburdened all the time.

Another survey of adult Americans found that 64 percent of respondents feel like they don’t have the time to take care of themselves properly. This could mean they don’t have time to go to the gym or keep themselves from burning out.

Time Management Tips

If you feel like your schedule is unnecessarily overburdened, whether by chores you have to do at home or work you have to turn in at the office, you need to find a way to manage your time more effectively. Here are 5 proven time management tips you can use to make sure you have the hours you need to relax and work on yourself.

Make A Time Audit

The most important step is to audit your time and see which of your tasks, both for the day and the future, are the most and least important. Jot down all the activities you need to accomplish within the day or the week and note which ones are high priority or high value. For example, you may prioritize a date night with your significant other over rushing a project. Once you’ve settled on the level of priorities, you can shuffle them around your schedule more effectively.

Set Goals for Days and Weeks

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Determining the most important tasks on your schedule is vital in setting what your goal is for the day or the week. For example, if your most important task is to go on a date night with your partner, how can you manipulate your schedule to make it happen? Do you need to accomplish a set number of tasks before that happens? Or do you need to reschedule it to a more acceptable time? Determining goals is vital in coming up with how to accomplish them.

Know When To Delegate

Check the tasks that you’ve labeled as least important or only partially important. How many of them can you entrust to other people? For example, if you want to make time for a long, relaxing bath at the end of the day, maybe you can ask your kids to hang up the drying or ask your partner to swing by the grocery store. When delegating tasks, you must consider both the capability of the person you’re delegating to and their own schedule. Compromise is important and cooperation is key.

Give One Task Your All

Multitasking is a skill, to be sure, but too often it leads to tasks that haven’t been accomplished properly. Rather than spend most of your energy trying to do three different things at once and only achieving mediocre results with all of them, you should focus on one task at a time. This ensures the task at hand is not only achieved in the best way possible, but it also prevents you from going back and redoing them all over again. It also ensures you don’t burn out quickly from keeping your eye on too many things at one time.

Stick To Your Schedule

When you’ve come up with your schedule, you need to stick to it. Unless a big emergency or similarly necessary but unexpected event comes up, you must fulfill your schedule or risk derailing all your plans. This means you need to schedule plenty of breaks where you can indulge your hobbies and other small distractions.

For example, a five-minute social media break at the top of every hour can be very helpful in making sure you don’t spend an hour out of your schedule checking Instagram. Stick to your schedule and make sure you finish all your endeavors at the allotted time.

Time management is an essential part of self-discipline. Cultivating any of these proven time management tips will help you further your journey to self-improvement, giving you the time you need to spend with yourself or your loved ones.

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