Office Politics Is Real – Here’s How To Deal With It

Office Politics Is Real – Here’s How To Deal With It

Office politics a fact of life. No organization in the world is free from the components of office politics. People will try to undermine you because they want your position. They will try to spread rumors about their coworkers because they are insecure about their standing in the organization. People are going to suck up to bosses because they think that’s the easy way to get a promotion.

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That’s why it pays to participate in an impact management training program. It is designed to weed out under performing employees. This program will make you shine and get you noticed by the top management. It is the reason organizations invest in training programs. They don’t want suck-ups to climb the organizational chart. They want people who are efficient, productive, loyal, and skillful.

You can never get away from office politics. Whether you’re at the top of the food chain or way, way below it, you’re bound to get caught up in this web of deceit and power play. Here are the things that you can do to help you deal with it:

Analyze The Organizational Chart

You can never not play office politics, but you can be smart about it. Having a high position does not guarantee a voice in the organization. Your boss may not actually have a say on promotions and policies. Find out who has the true influence over the management:

  • Is it the owner’s wife?
  • Who has the authority to decide on who to promote or not?
  • Who makes the final decision?
  • Who is the real brain behind the business?

Fight Fair

You should not stoop down low to the level of your coworkers. If they are fighting unjustly, don’t do the same. Fight fair. Respect your coworkers and the management.

Don’t play nasty. Focus on the issue at hand and not the individual. Don’t let the competition become personal. There’s nothing to be gained by fighting with your coworker.

Understand People’s Relationships

You already know the powers that may be in the organization. It’s time to understand the informal connections within the company. There are groups, in-groups, and cliques in the organization. Think of it as an adult version of your high school.

People with the same interests or who came from the same city usually come together as one group. Where do you fit in? How can you be friends with everyone to maximize these friendships?

Build Friendships

Do not be confined to one group. Allow yourself to branch out to other groups. Be friends with everyone. Don’t be afraid of politically powerful people in your organization, and don’t look down on the staff at the lower end of the hierarchy.

Your power will come from being friends with everyone in the organization. That does not only put you in an enviable position of getting information from all sources, but it will also create a more peaceful professional life.

Office politics happen in all workplaces. There’s no way you can avoid having to play into the competitive spirits of your coworkers. But if you keep your wits about you and play your cards well, you’ll end up as a winner.

Images courtesy of Pixabay, UnSplash and Pexels.

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